Dog Camera T2 FAQ

Q1: What should I do when the equipment indicator is shining yellow light ?

1. Check the WIFI connection that device connected to:

2. Unplug the device and wait for one minute before reconnecting the power supply


Q2: What should I do if click the "home" button on the App and no Live video displayed ?

1. Check whether the mobile network signal is normal:

2. Check whether the power interface on the device is not plugged in tightly;

3. Check whether the configured router WIFl is normal:


Q3: What if APP doesn't sent "person activity" or "pet activity" notifications ?

1. Check whether the notifications function is turned on with our App. Steps: click ” in the device videointerface to enter the daily activity page, click “” in the upper right corner to enter the daily activitiessettings, and turn on the record push switch:


2. Check whether dokoo pet has the permission to sent notifications in the mobile phone system,and itvaries the specific version settings of each mobile phone system, for example: Apple lOS16.3: “setting”notification” — “dokoo Pet — “allow notification” — turn on the switch Samsung Android 11: “Settings’Notification” — “Recently sent’ — View all application notifications — “dokoo Pet” — Turn on the switch



Q4: What if the equipment does not eject snacks ?

1. Check whether the device is shining white light, white light means low or no storage in pet treats.lif ves.please add treats to storage;


2. Open the treats bin, pour out the treats, spin the food distribution tray by hand, turn it upside down anoshake the device and clean the snack residue under the food distribution tray in the bin;


3, Check whether the treat drop sensor in the treat eiection port sticks with the snack residue, if yes, clean itwith clean cloth.


4. Press the push block in the treat ejection hole repeatedly by hand to make the snack residue fall and notjamming the push block;


5. Open the snack residue channel at the bottom and clean the snack residue in the device



Q5: What should i do if the live interface is blurred ?

Gently wipe the device lens with clean cloth.

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