Reasons and Tips to Choose the Best Indoor Camera for Pet

Share via: Facebook X (Twitter) LinkedIn Mix More Reasons and Tips to Choose the Best Indoor Camera for Pet The pet camera is one of the greatest inventions of the 21st for pet owners! With the help of a pet monitor, we can fully get to know our furry friends all the time whether or …

Reasons and Tips to Choose the Best Indoor Camera for Pet Read More »

Reasons and Tips to Choose the Best Indoor Camera for Pet

Dokoo the best pet camera

The pet camera is one of the greatest inventions of the 21st for pet owners!

With the help of a pet monitor, we can fully get to know our furry friends all the time whether or not they are in need, however, it is far from reaching the point of being called perfect for most of them only have the basic monitoring features which can’t solve the emotional problems of pets such as separation anxiety.

So, are there any solutions? Dive into this guide from 3 angles to get this full introduction.

  1. Why do you need a pet camera?
  2. Reasons to Choose Dokoo Camera
  3. Pet Monitor But Treat Dispenser Also
  4. Conclusion
  5. Frequently Asked Questions​

Why Do You Need a Pet Camera?

1.Monitor pets remotely

The pet camera will allow you to monitor, communicate, and comfort your furry kids easily. Dog cameras are a helpful assistant for pet owners who can’t always stay with furry companions.
With the remote monitor, you can provide what your kids need in time whether they are hungry or need your warmness. What’s more, when your kids are at the edge of making trouble you can always stop them through the 2-way audio camera.

2. Ease eparation anxiety

Separation anxiety is a difficult issue for many dogs and dog parents. In addition to pathological solutions, giving pets more emotional attention in daily life can effectively help pets overcome this problem.
Through the pet camera, you can keep track of your pet’s dynamics at any time, and with 2-way audio communication, you can also calm your pet more quickly and avoid further expansion of pet anxiety.

Reasons to Choose Dokoo Camera

Besides the basic features mentioned above, we recommend Dokoo as the best camera for watching pets for the following reasons.

1. Smart and easy using experience

The camera is equipped with an App, so after connecting to WiFi, you can quickly bind the device through the customized App, then you can quickly learn about the pet’s status on the mobile phone through the mobile App.
Not only that but considering the needs of other family members, our device can support multiple accounts at max 5 to log in and check at the same time.

Not only you but your family and friends can also log in to check the status of your pet through the software.
And all these settings are quite easy,  with the quick guide, even the beginners can handle it.

Pet Camera Treat Dispenser

See, talk, and toss treats to your pup from anywhere!

2. Capture and save wonderful moments in your device

Our App supports Free 24-hour cloud storage!
Moreover, it is also available for SD cards with a capacity of up to 128GB, offering ample space for saving videos and photos locally.

Through this function, whether you want to check the real-time status of your pet, save this interesting video permanently, or share interesting moments on social media every day, with the Dokoo pet camera, these can be easily achieved.


3. High-quality audio visuals shorten emotion gaps

No need to worry about the limitations of indoor cameras due to distance when you’re away from home. Dokoo’s pet camera has 4MP and a 330° wide viewing angle with powerful night vision, which helps you get the clearest vision all the time. The real-time 2-way audio interaction makes the communication between you and your pet friend easier. Simply open the Dokoo app to check in on your pets and cherish heartwarming moments with them from anywhere.

Dokoo Pet Dog Camera Treat Dispenser
See, talk, and toss treats to your pup from anywhere!

4. No subscription fees for the App

Having mentioned the features mentioned above, you may now be worried about not being able to afford the high cost. But don’t worry, in fact, these functions are all for free after purchasing the pet camera without a subscription to Dokoo, and there is no need to subscribe to other paid functions.

Dokoo Pet Dog Camera Treat Dispenser
See, talk, and toss treats to your pup from anywhere!

Pet Monitor But Treat Dispenser Also

Dokoo’s camera is more than a monitor to watch pets, it also offers remote treat dispensing via its dedicated mobile app so pet owners can interact. When you are not at home, you can engage your pets by activating the free feature of the treat game on the App.
The whole game is simple too. Once you set the game, the camera will emit attention-grabbing sounds and dispense treats automatically, to draw your pet’s attention, in this procedure, you can also talk with them, and when your puppy is ready, send the treats with one click!

Through regular treat-based training sessions facilitated by the camera, dogs can receive reinforcement and guidance even when owners are not physically present.
Additionally, Dokoo’s dog treat and camera feature a unique anti-blocking design, ensuring smooth treat delivery without clogs or jams. This advanced functionality enhances the bond between you and your pets, providing entertainment, enrichment, and training opportunities even from a distance.


In today’s world, staying in touch with your furry friends all the time might be difficult, but with the help of Dokoo’s pet camera, we hope it can be your assistant in pet care in daily life.
Its superior and thoughtful features won’t let you down, strengthening your bond with your furry companions can be so easy in this way.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Is the pet camera available for taking photographs?

Yes, through our APP named Dokoo, you can easily keep and share cute pictures and videos of your pets. It also provides a social media sharing feature only with one click.

2: Can families with cats use this pet camera?

Yes, our camera is not only designed for dogs, it’s also available for cats, if the treat sizes are suitable, for the dispenser supports sizes from 0.2 to 0.7 inches, which covers most treats’ sizes.

3: Can I wash the dispenser if it’s needed?

Because the monitor camera contains complex parts such as batteries and cameras, we do not recommend washing it directly. But if the machine becomes dirty, you can use a damp soft cloth to gently wipe the dirty area after powering off.

4: Will placing this camera at home cause my privacy to be secretly photographed and leaked?

Dokoo understands the importance of privacy to you, so we treat your privacy as confidential and comply with statutory data protection regulations to maintain the security of your information. First of all, in terms of products, when the blue light under the snack machine lights up, it means that the camera is running. If you don’t want to be recorded at this moment, you can just cut off the power supply.

Secondly, our APP requires QR code scanning and location confirmation before it can be used after being bound to a device, so you don’t have to worry about privacy leaks due to the device being bound by others.

Finally, due to the particularity of home monitoring, in order to protect your privacy to the greatest extent, we recommend that you place the pet camera in an insensitive location in the room, such as the living room or somewhere away from the bedroom.

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