3 Reasons and Tips to Use E-Collar for Dog Training

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3 Reasons and Tips to Use E-Collar for Dog Training Read More »

3 Reasons and Tips to Use E-Collar for Dog Training

Terrific? Is e-collar as cruel as some people think? Is it as effective as dog trainers claim? In this article, we will reveal the truth and give you reasons and tips to get you to know the truth about all these answers. Just keep reading and explore the best dog E-collar in 2024!

Differences Between E-collar and Traditional Leash

Recently, electronic collars are become popular. Both pet trainers and news on the Internet are promoting this new type of dog leash. So what are the benefits of electronic collars compared to dog leashes? In this article, we’ll dive into the world of e-collars.
But before it all begins, let’s find out what’s the difference between an E-collar and a dog-collar leash.

1. Different training methods

The leash is attached to the dog’s neck based on the principle of a physical device, and the owner controls the dog’s behavior through the rope. When the dog behaves out of control, such as actively attacking people or running wild, the dog owner can tighten the leash in time to control the dog’s behavior. delinquenent conduct.
As for the e-collar, it is also attached to the dog’s neck, but unlike the dog collar leashes, when the dog is in trouble, the dog owner can remotely command and control the collar through the remote control in his hand, causing it to vibrate slightly to remind the dog. So as to achieve the purpose.

2. Different usage

Due to the physical length limit of the rope, a dog leash usually does not exceed 150 centimeters (although there are also traction ropes as long as 10 meters, these are not suitable for daily use), which is indeed suitable for daily use. But if you are training or taking your dog out to play, the dog leash will become an obstacle due to its physical characteristics. But this is the advantage of e-collar for dogs that have a length of 1/2 mile range, which can very well solve the problems of remote travel and daily training!

3 Reasons to Try Electric Dog Collar

1. Distance is no longer a constraint

Essentially, dogs are animals. Unlike human beings, they will be happier taking a leisurely walk with you on the beach or running freely on the grass in the park than an hour-long walk with the crowds and walking trails in the city.
For most people, taking a canine friend to the beach or on the grass is not difficult, but controlling the dog in such an open place becomes troublesome. For example, what would you do if your dog saw a woodchuck in the park and rushed toward it leaving you alone, chasing it behind, or controlling its rush in time?
A dog leash will probably not work at this point.
But Dokoo’s e-collar for dogs is just the opposite. Due to the use of wireless transmission technology which won’t affect the dog’s health, at a distance of 1600 ft, you can control the dog’s out-of-control behavior in time by controlling the different vibration modes of the collar on the dog’s neck. So in this way, the distance is no longer a problem for both of you, all you need do is have a nice outing with your furry family member!

Dog E-Collar Train with Leash Set
Safe and effective dog remote collar to correct bad behaviors

2. Effective communication always matters

Whether believing or not, effective communication will make your outing difference for it is not only about having fun but also training at the same time. Some dogs always have bad habits when traveling, such as digging holes, chewing, or barking at certain places.
Well, at this time, you can grab the chance to train your dog and make the whole thing different with dog remote training collars.
Dokoo’s dog training collars have 3 kinds of different training modes including beep、vibrate and slightly shock! And you can completely trust its viability. Through these simple methods, give appropriate reminders to dogs so that they can be corrected in time when they engage in bad behavior without causing harm to the dog itself.
And these different training modes are not as scary as you might imagine. Just like when you tap your dog with your hand during training, it won’t make any difference.


3. Adjustable collar for dog’s experience

Due to every dog having a different size and personality, sometimes it’s hard to find a suitable dog collar for him or her, but that’s the problem you have to face for your dog may have some negative attitudes or even get hurt for the unsuitable collar.
Dokoo knows the importance, so the design of Dokoo’s e-collar is specially designed for dogs of different neck sizes from 8in to 27in, and weights from 10 – 120 lbs. It can be completely suit. The training collar is soft and safe enough for it to adapt 2 pairs of silicone protective sleeves to protect the dog’s skin from abrasions.
And the collar is waterproof for dog training too! The IP67 high-level waterproof design allows your puppy to play in the water or travel on rainy days wearing a collar!

Dog E-Collar Train with Leash Set
Safe and effective dog remote collar to correct bad behaviors

Some Important Tips You Can’t Miss

1. Don’t use a collar with a newborn puppy

It is not recommended to use e-collar for puppies that are less than six months old. The puppy needs a certain amount of time to grow, and at this time it is more important to give it correct guidance through verbal instructions and hand movements to train him on what behavior is right and what’s not.
This is bound to be a long process.
If the puppy still does not change its behavior after long-term training, you can consider choosing a suitable e-collar for dogs such as Dokoo.

2. Positive reinforcement should be adapted

Dokoo values the emotional connection between pet owners and pets, from daily company to training. So in such many different training methods, we recommend positive reinforcement. When you use a dog training collar with a remote, don’t punish mode too many times such as turning the shocking mode to maximum. It’ll not only harm your dog’s health but also your pet’s feelings.
We highly recommend that you have a test on the shock collar for dogs, take Dokoo’s training collar as an example, it has 9 levels of vibrate and shock mode, which can be adjusted carefully enough so that it will not cause problems for the health of dogs or people.

Conclusion - A Few Final Words!

All in all, if used properly in training or play situations, electronic collars can have a positive impact on dog training. However, if you are in a public place, we still recommend that you use a Dokoo dog collar harness & leash (which is also equipped in Dokoo’s training collar package) to guide your dog correctly and comfortably.

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